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Sell Gold Sovereigns for Cash

Earn quick cash on your gold sovereign collection with our trusted gold valuers and buyers.

The gold sovereign, first minted in 1917, is a coin of the United Kingdom that’s highly popular among investors and gold traders. This is due to it still being deemed legal tender, despite them no longer being circulated, meaning investors can avoid paying tax when buying.

Sovereigns get their name as they have the sovereign of the UK on one side and a design showing the infamous ‘George and the Dragon’ on the other. The first sovereigns were minted with King George lll and new sovereigns used to be produced whenever there was a new reigning monarch.


What is the best way to sell gold sovereigns?

The best way to sell gold coins like sovereigns in the UK is to have them valued by professionals, like the Cash4Gold-Now team. You can order a secure selling package and have your gold sovereigns safely sent to us, where we’ll then contact you with our fair and competitive price.

All you need to do is:

1. Request a free gold selling pack

2. Package up your sovereigns carefully in our padded envelopes

3. Post your sovereigns or half sovereigns back to us

4. Wait for us to contact you with our fair and competitive price

How much is a gold sovereign worth?

The value of your gold sovereigns or half sovereigns is determined by their pure gold content. Quintuple sovereigns are otherwise referred to as ‘five-pound coins’, as they’re worth the same as five full sovereigns in one large coin. Cash4Gold-Now accepts single sovereigns or larger collections of coins, whether your coins are in perfect condition or are showing signs of wear and tear.

Type of SovereignGold contentDiameter
Full Sovereign0.2354 troy ounce2 2mm
Half Sovereign0.1176 troy ounce19.3 mm
Quarter Sovereign0.588 troy ounce13.5 mm
Quintuple Sovereign0.17713 troy ounce36.02 mm

Which gold sovereign is the most valuable?

In terms of gold content, the most valuable gold sovereign is the full sovereign or the less common quintuple sovereign. Fake sovereigns or those that have been damaged due to being commonly mounted on jewellery can be worth slightly less but are still worth having valued for their scrap cold contents in exchange for some cash in the bank.


Sell your gold sovereign coins with Cash4Gold-Now today

Here at Cash4Gold-Now, we have decades’ worth of experience in the gold buying sector. We take pride in our expert valuers and our streamlined valuation and selling process. If you have any questions about your offer or a query about how we value your gold, get in touch with the team today.


How much does a sovereign sell for?

The value of a gold sovereign will be determined through our thorough and professional valuation process which identifies the weight and purity of the gold to present you with a fair and competitive price. In addition to a sovereign’s weight and purity, the value will also be affected by the current rate of gold on that date; a value that fluctuates daily.

Are older sovereigns worth more?

When selling gold sovereigns to online gold buyers, the age of your sovereign won’t affect the value or price you will be offered. Our valuation process takes into account the weight and purity of your gold sovereign as well as the gold rate at the time of valuation, not its historical value or significance. 

What carat gold are sovereigns?

Generally, gold sovereigns are minted in 22 carat gold and their weights and purities are closely monitored and adhered to by The Royal Mint. 

Can I sell gold sovereign coins?

Yes, you can absolutely sell your gold sovereign coins. Cash4Gold-Now are trusted buyers of a range of gold coins including gold Sovereigns. Our online buying service allows you to simply and securely post your gold Sovereigns to us for valuation to receive a competitive and accurate price and money in the bank. 

How do I sell a gold half sovereign?

The best way to sell a gold sovereign or half sovereign is using an online gold buying service. Cash4Gold-Now offer a hassle-free and trustworthy process for selling gold full or half sovereigns. You can simply request a free gold selling pack via our website, and securely post your gold for free to receive a price for your coins in as little as 24 hours.

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