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Sell Dental Gold for Cash

Don’t leave your dental gold lying around, have it valued to earn some quick cash.

Gold as a precious metal has been used in the dentistry industry for hundreds of years for various purposes including filling cavities, adding crowns, gold implants and even more recently for grills as more of a fashion statement than a health matter. 

If you have dental gold like gold teeth, crowns, bridges or grills in your possession, whether you’re a dentist or they were once worn by yourself, getting them valued to sell them for cash is far more worthwhile than letting them gather dust. Don’t sit on your dental gold, turn it into quick cash today with Cash4Gold-Now.


What types of dental gold do we buy?

We will purchase any kind of dental gold, whether it be white, yellow or rose gold. We also accept platinum or palladium dental fixtures, so if you’re looking to sell any of these types of dental gold, get in touch:

Types of dental gold:

  • Crowns
  • Caps
  • Implants/gold teeth
  • Dentures
  • Inlays
  • Onlays

Don’t worry about cleaning your dental gold before you ship it, we will sterilise it before we value it.

How much is dental gold worth?

No two gold teeth are the same, which means their value widely varies. It’s always best to work with a professional gold buyer who will carry out a thorough valuation process to determine the volume of precious gold as well as the weight and purity to provide you with an accurate price. 

The volume of precious metal used in dental implants and crowns differs, meaning some can have a high precious metal content and some can appear to be gold but actually contain very little. On top of this, the purity of dental gold varies across the world and different manufacturers, so the valuation procedures are far more complex.

How can you sell your dental gold?

The Cash4Gold-Now team are industry experts and have helped thousands of people across the UK have their unwanted gold valued in exchange for cash.

1. Order a free seller’s pack to your address by filling in a dental gold valuation request form.

2. Put your gold in the padded envelope provided alongside the form, which tells us how you’d like to be paid.

3. Send the pack back to our London valuation centre. Our sellers packs are all pre-paid, tracked and insured by Royal Mail.

4. Keep your proof of postage receipt in a safe place.

5. We’ll then weigh and value your gold and be in touch with our offer.

6. When our offer is accepted, we’ll pay you in your preferred way within 24 hours.

Why sell your gold with Cash4Gold-Now?

Here at Cash4Gold-Now we have over a decade of experience in the precious metals buying sector. We are able to offer some of the most competitive rates on the market thanks to our valuation experts. We offer free and secure postage when you ship your gold to us, and you are under no obligation to sell to us once sending. 

We guarantee to pay you the agreed amount (in your preferred way) within 24 hours of our offer being accepted. With an ‘Excellent’ rating and thousands of glowing TrustPilot reviews from happy customers, why not sell your dental gold with Cash4Gold-Now?


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    We buy jewellery in White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold & Platinum.

    We will pay you cash today for 9CT, 14CT, 18CT, 22CT & 24CT gold in ANY condition.

    So, if you’ve ever asked yourself…

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    The answer is

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