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Whether you have scrap gold that is worn or damaged, or you are looking to have collectables or items of jewellery in good condition valued, you should always find a reputable dealer or buyer to avoid being offered prices that are far lower than market value.

Here at Cash4Gold-Now, we help customers across the UK get the best prices for their gold. Our expert valuation process ensures that we can offer some of the most accurate prices on the market. To help you decide how best to sell your gold jewellery, coins, bullion or scraps, we’ve outlined some important factors to consider and characteristics to look for in a trusted gold buyer.

Where Can You Sell Gold?

There are more ways to sell gold than many people may assume, including:

Physical pawn shops

You can find these on most local high streets, and although they are a quick way to sell items, you won’t be offered prices that are accurate unless you are working with professionals specialised in buying and selling precious metals.

Local jewellers

Local jewellers will usually buy scrap jewellery, however this is to sell on with them acting as a middleman between you and a specialised gold dealer. Because of this, the margin they charge for buying your items will be a lot higher and you will usually lose out.

Specialised gold buyers

Generally, the best option for those looking to sell gold is to work with dedicated gold dealers who know the industry and will carry out thorough valuations. You can find a gold buyer online and can even have your precious metals valued via post without having to visit in person. Doing so cuts out any middlemen with online buyers not needing to put high margins on prices, as their operating costs are far lower.

What to Consider:

When looking for the best place to sell your gold, there are various important factors to take into account. These include:

Customer service

Companies that have been buying and selling gold for many years and have experience, like the team at Cash4Gold-Now, will understand how to provide customer service that is streamlined and easy. The process of selling gold should never be difficult for you and there should always be a clear process to follow.


Before you agree to any prices offered to you, you should research the business’ reputation online and offline. Don’t just choose the most heavily advertised gold buyer. Instead, look for quality and trust signals. These include…


One way to research a company’s reputation is to look at their review profiles on Trustpilot or other review platforms. A ton of glowing reviews will provide you with confirmation that the company has worked successfully with previous customers and provided accurate prices. Cash4Gold-Now has thousands of reviews and a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, so you can feel confident when selling your items with our team.

Word of mouth

If you know others who have successfully sold gold or precious metals and been pleased with their experience, ask around for advice on finding the best buyer and who they worked with.

Take your time

Even once you’ve found a trustworthy gold buyer, don’t rush yourself at the final stages. You can take your time to consider the prices offered before going ahead as a reputable company will never rush you and you will always have the option to say no for whatever reason.


There are certain areas in the UK where reputable precious metal dealers are based, including Hatton Garden in London which is the jewellery capital of the UK. This is where you’ll find Cash4Gold-Now.

Interested in Selling with Cash4Gold-Now?

A 2023 study on jewellery industry shows, over 25% of the population in the UK have unused jewellery. So, what can be done with this unused jewellery? With the price of gold and other metals only on the rise, selling your gold can be a profitable way to liquidate your assets and turn them into cash.  Despite this, it’s important to ensure you get a price that is fair, in line with market prices, and accurate in terms of the purity and volume of your metals.

The process of selling gold with our company has been streamlined and refined over the years to make it as easy as possible for our customers. Here’s all you need to do:

      1. Request a free selling pack via our website which will be posted out to you.

      1. From there, simply package your gold up in our padded, pre-paid envelopes.

      1. Once we receive your items, we carry out a specialised valuation process to reach a price that is accurate, fair and in line with market prices.

      1. We contact you with our price which you can then choose to accept or not.

    1. Happy with the price and you will receive your money in the bank or via post within 24 hours.

If you have any questions about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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